Logitech mouse not working mac

November 8, at 4: The latest version from Logitech 6. Also - the "workaround" of allowing the Logitech Option Deamon run in system preferences does not work. When is a fix due..

Mac not detecting USB mouse

Bluetooth, Wireless, and Corded Mice. Remko , SaidBaarma , and Christopherbm like this. I am not sure what you mean, please elaborate. Hope this helps to track down the issue, Thanks, Remko. Login to answer this question.

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Your Logitech Bluetooth device stops working on your Mac computer, even if it is listed as connected. Or it may not show up in the list of Bluetooth devices at all. Try the following, testing after each to see if the problem has been resolved: Click Turn Bluetooth Off. Wait a few seconds, and then click Turn Bluetooth On.

Check to see if the Logitech Bluetooth device is working. I was utterly shocked.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes

I further confirmed this when I had to reinstall Mojave again and that time I tried to install 3. The result of which was our usual problem. But after uninstalling the new, reinstalling and uninstalling the old, then installing the new again, everything worked. I know how convoluted this sounds, and obviously shouldn't be this way, but I'm just happy it works.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes - Make Tech Easier

As for my set up, my receiver is plugged into a usb hub that is connected to my LG ultrafine display. I have the same problems with my G keyboard and the G mouse. Every time I restart the computer, I am bound to lose one or both devices which are connected directly to my iMac. I end up uninstalling the software and reinstalling it again multiple times until one seems to catch on and work for a while.

I now avoid the GHub because it seems more unstable than the already unstable Logitech Gaming Software.

I'm closer and close to returning to a full Apple hardware set up, but I would rather not. I love the Logitech hardware. There software is just not great at all, though.

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