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Similar versions are available for both Mac computers and Windows computers. Information in this article applies to Microsoft Word as part of an Office for Mac subscription and Word in the one-time-purchase Microsoft Office for Mac.

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While the Mac version of Microsoft Word is mostly the same as the Windows version, there are a few differences that might become stumbling blocks. While Word for Mac has some level of support for SharePoint and Visual Basic, it does not support all aspects of these features. ActiveX is slowly being axed by Microsoft, but the inability to work with it in Word for Mac may cause problems for users who need that feature. Other features present in Word for Windows that are absent in Word for Mac include Digital Ink with its freestyle drawing tools; Document Inspector, which removes personal information and hidden data from a document; and embedded fonts.

Word for Mac is available in two formats: as a monthly subscription or as a one-time software purchase. There are minor cosmetic differences between the two versions of Word for Mac. Even though they were released in the same month, the new Word icon is only available in the subscription version, while the one-time-purchase software retains the Metro design interface for the most part.

More important than the cosmetic difference is the update status. Although the one-time-purchase software receives necessary security updates from Microsoft, it does not benefit from new feature updates, which are included in the subscription package. The subscription model of Word in Office can be used on multiple computers, tablets, and phones. The one-time-purchase version can be used only on one computer. Microsoft Word for Mac is available in the Mac App Store, both as a stand-alone app and as part of the Office bundle, but both options require an Office subscription.

It's served my company well. I love that in the current version one can turn off Java. While OpenOffice is not developing as quickly as LIbreOffice, its performance is usually faster and more reliable. Software does not need to constantly change to be useful. Often the contrary. Stability and reliability are fantastic attributes for software. Like 1. Not sure how to rate this because of all the struggles I am having. Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Intel 64 Mac OS X Developer Website:. Apache Software Foundation.

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The open source movement means there's more top quality, legit free software than ever floating around the web to kit out your computer with. How can it be free? Free software as a commercial giveaway. Open source software. Freeware and shareware. Free Microsoft Office for students and teachers If you're a student or working in education and have an academic email address that can receive external email, you may be able to get a couple of decent freebies from Microsoft.

Free Microsoft Office. What do you get? Who can get it? Students and staff at universities, colleges and schools which have licensed Office institution-wide through the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme. How do I get it? You'll be asked to log in through your institution's online portal and if you're eligible, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download the software.

Again, this is aimed at students and staff with an academic email address, though the university, college or school doesn't have to have licensed Office as above. You'll be asked to log in through your institution's online portal, then follow the instructions. Quick questions:. How long can I get these for?

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What if I'm not eligible? Download Mac :. Free online office alternatives The alternative to downloading an office suite is to use one of the many online options. Here are the best:. Try it:. Get Our Money Tips Email! For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes - join the 12m who get it. The big free software directory. Here's a list of all the top free software for PCs, Macs and Linux, sorted by category.

Double-check it's suitable for your system before downloading.

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CCleaner Dump the junk This super-fast program cleans up unused files in around a second, getting rid of all the crap that's what the first "c" stands for — honest as it goes. Ultimate Windows Tweaker Windows 7, 8, 8. Great for those that like modifying their software, but aren't into coding.

Free utilities It can be a nightmare when you're having trouble opening certain file types or trying to get them to work on the right device. Gimp Advanced image editing If you're looking for a free Photoshop equivalent, oddly named Gimp is probably the closest you'll get.

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Pro AutoDesk software Free for students Students can get AutoDesk's computer-aided design software free for three years simply by registering. Free desktop publishing — downloads Desktop publishing software is often pricey, but there are some free programs you can download that can provide a professional touch without having to shell out a fortune. It's not the most user-friendly tool, but its power more than makes up for this. It also offers a wealth of other options for keeping your collection organised. MediaMonkey Sidestep iTunes for MP3s The sheer number of features iTunes now offers means there are more streamlined music library options available, especially for Windows machines, on which iTunes is especially slow.

Several versions are available, so make sure you find the right one for your player. Free audio — online There are also free audio tools available to use online, if you prefer not have to download and install programs — ideal if you only need something for occasional use. AudioTag Identifies songs Upload a sample or link to a web-hosted snippet of a song 15 seconds will do , and AudioTag will identify it.

Communication tools As well as those you'd expect, like Skype, there are a number of communication tools which bring all your disparate instant messaging accounts together, and some sharing apps too. Skype Skype barely needs inclusion here as you probably already have it installed. Free software listings This list covers the best all-rounders, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Don't miss out.

How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows

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