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The only issue here is that not all the models and configurations are available at any given time — so shopping around a few stores might be wise. Your first stop — Apple Refurbished Store, which means buying directly from Apple. Simply go to apple. Buying from the Apple Refurbished Store is exactly the same as buying from their regular online store — same process, same checkout — you might even combine refurbished and regular products in one shopping cart.

Big retailers like Best Buy and Amazon often offer their own refurbished deals on a regular basis. Another option is to look for certified Apple resellers in your area. Simply scrolling through your local Craigslist or getting lost in never-ending eBay offerings has a high chance of giving you what you need at the right price. But buyer beware! So make sure to take some precautions.

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Top sellers have vested interest in keeping their score as high as possible. Following the tips above will ensure that you get the quality similar to the refurbished Apple laptops. How to do that? Start with iStat Menus. This utility features a thorough set of trackers that live in your menu bar and do constant background checks. When you think something is about to go off, you can easily correct it with CleanMyMac X.

It scans your whole machine for things like malware, outdated caches, unused languages, unneeded log files, and much more. This is the first thing you should do on any secondhand or refurbished Mac. Easily see app progress, badges, status, and activity. Total time saver. Best of all, you can improve your new Mac with iStat Menus , CleanMyMac X , and uBar for free during a seven-day trial through Setapp , a platform of over top Mac apps and utilities curated to leverage your creativity and make technology more accessible than ever.

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Have you considered buying a used MacBook in South Africa?

Apple MacBook Pro 13", 2. Apple Mid Late 13" MacBook Pro "Retina" 2. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Sponsored Listings. Best Selling. Factory Apple MacBook Pro Make an Offer. Make Offer - Apple Mid Apple 13" MacBook Pro 2. Got one to sell? Finding the Right Laptop Since we use laptop computers for so much in modern life, it stands to reason that you want to find one that is right for your needs.

Although they can be used for the same kinds of tasks and activities as other laptops, new MacBooks often come with unique features, like: Touch Bar: Normally laptops simply feature a trackpad and keyboard that together allow you to navigate and control your computer.

If the machine boots on external power, but the adapter looks crappy, ask for a discount. You should be able to boot all the way into the machine through to the desktop picture. If the machine won't boot, and you don't have an external startup disk, walk away now. If you do have an external startup disk, start thinking about how much you want the seller to discount the machine.

Then, attach your external drive to the Mac, hold down the Option key and keep holding it until you see the Startup Manager. Choose your drive and see if the machine will boot using your drive. The simplest way to make sure the network is running is to go to YouTube. Don't worry about running Chrome here. Just launch Safari and make sure you can get to YouTube. If the seller says there's no available network connection or if you're in a public location , try setting up Wi-Fi. If you can't test the network, period, then just walk away.

If you can test the network, go to this YouTube video. Scale it to full screen and run, looking for stuck pixels or dots on the screen. This test runs though a bunch of basic colors and should help tell you if there's discoloration or missing or stuck pixels. If you have screen problems, walk away from the deal.

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I like using the keyboard viewer, but you can also open Notes or TextEdit. Type a lot of text, check caps, caps lock, function keys, and repeating keys. Make sure the keys that repeat stop repeating. Also check the trackpad and make sure it tracks with your fingers as expected. If there's an optical drive, take your test disk, insert it and see if it plays. Plug in your SD card and see if the machine reads it. Test your external drive in each of the USB ports.

Try your headset and make sure it works. It used to be that you could check the S. I prefer to use Disk Utility to run First Aid on a drive and see if any errors show up. Errors on the drive could be caused by a bad drive which is replaceable or bad drive controller chips which are not. I'd recommend walking away from any machine that fails the First Aid scan. If the seller doesn't want you to run a scan, run away. Apple details a series of simple steps for making sure the battery still has life in it. This includes a look at the Mac's perception of the battery's condition and its cycle count.

Pay attention to the max cycle count listed for each model on this page , and then the cycle count you find on the machine you're considering. If they're too close, don't buy the machine. You'll need a costly battery replacement sooner rather than later. Depending on how old the machine is you're looking at, you should consider running Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics. I wrote an article on how to do that here. Step Be sure you have an Administrative login and the Firmware password is disabled. If you made it this far, you're probably considering buying the machine. Make sure you have an administrative login to the machine.

Buying a used Mac laptop: How to avoid scams and find the best deals

Finally, make sure there's no firmware password. Apple details how to turn on and off a firmware password , and here's a short guide for what to do if you can't disable the password. If you can't turn off the firmware password before you buy the machine, don't buy the machine. I still don't recommend buying a Mac from a local seller that doesn't honor returns. But if you must, the above list should help you make a successful buy. My recommendation is to only buy a used machine from a commercial seller who you know will honor returns.

When you get your machine, you'll have seven to 30 days to fully test it out.

Make sure you know your return period. Once you get your machine or machines , load them up fully and test them rigorously. When it comes to Amazon, you can do a search for used MacBook Pros by model year, but the company doesn't list them that way. Instead, they list the model number of the Mac, which makes it harder to know what you're looking at.

Depending on your budget, I'd recommend a or MacBook Pro. Later machines have had notorious keyboard reliability problems , and you won't save that much on a purchase. MacBook Airs are fine machines, but they tend to be a little underpowered. Until this year, they had older-style screens. I'd also stay away from basic MacBooks because they're anemic out the gate. Here's my guide for making trade-off decisions on new purchases.

Here's what I found. On Craigslist in my area, I found three Mac laptops for sale. The last machine is not bad, except that it's already at max memory with 4GB. With today's workloads, you'd be hard pressed to get much done with such limited memory. That's not bad. These were not part of Amazon's Renewed program, so returns are a big question mark.