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Cable-free audio routing for Mac

Before purchase, the quality of audio passing through Loopback's virtual devices will be degraded after 20 minutes. Already own an older version?

Get a discounted upgrade to Loopback 2. Details Loopback 2. Recipient of a near-perfect 4. This is essential for what I am doing with interactive instructional webinars. Helped me interface Sternberg UR44 to Skype! Tony O. Dave Hamilton. Alex A. Matt W. I can see a lot of uses for this for screencasters and podcasters. John Gruber, Daring Fireball. A must for anyone serious about podcasting. East Midlands Physicians. Audio Hijack, Fission and Loopback.

Adam Curry. Mark D. I don't know what kind of black magic they've put together to make it work, but it's pretty amazing. Kenn R. Steve D. This download serves as both the free trial and the full version of the software. Unlock the full version by entering a license key purchased from our store.

Already using Loopback? Soundflower allows cross connecting inputs and outputs internally but if I remember right when I used it with screen recording software to record video it shunts all the audio so you can no longer hear the video as it plays. I also managed to do screen capture with QuickTime player and still had audio output. - MicroBook II: Routing one or more sources to multiple outputs

Ahh good deal. If I have occasion to use that again I will look for those options. Thanks for the tip. Tetsujin I have added an answer based out of your solution. However, I'm having difficulties getting Soundflower to work consistently. Sometimes it just stops working, and I don't know why. See more below. Update Step 2 If you want to route the audio and hear it yourself at the same time, skip to Step 3.

Step 3 If you want to hear the audio while it's playing on your normal Output device e. It has stopped working a few times before, and while I haven't exactly identified how to mitigate the issue, I have noticed that something of the following may have helped to get it working again: There's quite a few tabs here, and the volume sliders on one of them may have been reset to zero.

This has happened to me a few times. Volume resetting to zero wouldn't have to be a big problem, if the normal volume controls media keys and menu bar volume icon worked as usual.

MicroBook II: Routing one or more sources to multiple outputs

But sometimes, the volume icon in the menu bar is grayed out and the volume can only be manipulated in Audio Midi Setup. I don't know why this sometimes happens, because when I use some other Multi-Output Devices I have created that also includes my other computer connected via Thunderbolt in Target Display Mode, I can magically use the volume media keys as normal.

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More experimentation is needed here. Soundflower is great. I've used it extensively, in the past. Plays nicely with DAW software. These are just a few examples. I hadn't bothered with this feature until I was looking for an easier way to integrate audio from Skype guests into our podcasts. Learning how it worked helped me solve that problem easily. It's just one of those hidden features worth knowing about.

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