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My method is more usefull for people new to Lightroom who want to reorganize their bunch photos with the date structure.

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There is a cullprit, however, when the names of the old folders describe the content event, places, people, etc. These infos are metadata that need to be introduced in LR. As a refugee from several other photo managment programs I found that my catalog had several places where I had duplicate raw and jpg files in the same directory.

To help untangle the mess I setup a metadata filter using date and filetype similar to those discussed above and used select all in the filmstrip to highlight the CR2 files.

How to Sort Files by Date on Mac

Flipping the filter from CR2 to All made duplicate jpgs show in the filmstrip as non-highlighted photos. Then selecting and inverting the selection allowed me to identify the non-duplicate jpgs. This sounds a lot harder than it really is! Setup the metadata filter. In my case the filetype filter gave me the choice of showing all types, jpgs or CR2 files. Choose CR2 files in the filter 3. Select all of the photos in the filmstrip.

These photos will all be the CR2s.

Move Photos to Dated Folders Based on the Actual Date Taken

Go back to the metadata filter and choose all filetypes. The highlighted ones are the CR2s and the non-highlighted ones are the jpgs. You can scan through the filmstrip looking for two or more adjacent un-highlighted photos — those will be the jpgs that do not have a corresponding CR2. Select the non-duplicate jpgs you want to save and switch the metadata filter to jpg. Choose invert selection from the Edit menu.

Now all of the duplicate jpgs will be highlighted selected and the non-duplicate jpgs will not be selected. At this point you can move, remove or delete the highlighted duplicate jpgs without affecting the non-duplicate jpgs. A helpful article. For re-arranging by date, I have used a workflow slightly modified by the order of steps-. It also avoids having pre-defined empty dated folders if there were no photos taken in one particular Month. What is the brand name for mebendazole?

How to Sort Pictures Automatically With Automator for Mac

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    This two-way sync works only for 1, of your most recent photos. Keep in mind that Apple allocates only 5GB of free storage space to each iCloud user. Now that iCloud storage costs considerably less than it used to, it might be time to upgrade beyond 5GB. Read More. A handful of Mac apps allow you to create smart groups to filter items based on one or more criteria.

    Photos is one of those apps, and it calls these special groups smart albums. Smart albums come in handy when you want to, say, filter photos that match a certain keyword or feature a specific set of people.

    1. Set Up Folders

    Once you have these conditions in place, hit the OK button. The album will then show up under My Albums in the sidebar. Once you hit the Repair button in the dialog box that shows up, the built-in repair tool does the rest. It fixes any database problems and inconsistencies to get the Photos app working again. You might have a bit of waiting to do depending on the size of your photo library. After the repair process is complete, Photos relaunches by itself. If you want to turn some of your memories into, say, a photo book or a calendar, you can do it right from the Photos app.

    Once you select that, the app takes over. It walks you through the process of picking a theme, adding pictures, editing the layout, and placing the order for the product. Here are some practical uses for Image Capture you must check out.

    Tricks to Organize Your Photos in Apple Photos

    Have a look at these choices that provide lots of flexibility. Your email address will not be published. Folders and Albums I cannot find a way to have an album as a folder child, as you explain, no way no how. You'll then get a menu with options to create a new nested album, smart album, or folder.

    Also, if you have an existing album and an existing top-level folder, you can drag the album to the folder into the sidebar. Thanks indeed for this reply. I have a mind fix, perhaps unsurprisingly, that folders will behave like in Mac OS or MS windows, but they dont. To add to confusion at the top level 'view', shows library, albums, smart albums. One more question if I may; because am still unclear as to how to mange my pictures.

    Next you get to pick how your folders should be setup to organize your pictures. Do you want it by year? Do you want it by month? The folder you choose for Level1 will be the first level of folders, Level2 are the folders inside the Level1 folders, Level3 are the folders inside Level2 and so on… you get the idea. At this time Photos2Folders will analyze your pictures to figure out when the picture was taken and also to start looking for duplicate images. Once it is done, it will show you your first set of photos.

    It's only at the last step when you click "Done Sorting" that any photos will be moved or copied. For each group of pictures you are shown, you can scroll through that group of pictures using the arrows at the bottom of the screen, click on one to view it larger, and you can modify the folders where this group of pictures will be put.

    The next time you connect your digital camera and copy new files to your computer, just run Photos2Folders again and merge your new photos into your nice new repository of organized folders!