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Also are you playing on a server? If so it could be because of some of the new intensive mods like galacticraft, dimensional doors etc. Sorry if im not much help! I'd like to add that if I use the same mods whilst in different packs on the Feed The Beast launcher, i have little to no problems with lag, so its definately the launcher environment.

Not the mods. Same issue. Yup I too have a mac And I think I know the problem. Well when a mac is new with new wifi maker thing it runs very nice, later on, it is horrible lag on big mod packs like tekkit, but I heard its because your wifi maker thing, when it gets old, it gets really laggy, but if you get a new one it is made to run more smooth. I am going to get a new one soon, or just get a new computer!

But I will be sure to tell you what is up if I find out! Last edited by jamesmarioman : Mar 16, Did you just setup the maxmium of RAM? Posts Quoted:. Previous Thread.

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Jump to Forum. This is likely the best advantage to using a managed hosting solution like Apex Minecraft Hosting. Make sure to look up your current systems weaknesses so that you can ensure complete protection. It is recommended that you consult with the documentation for your specific router to find out how to connect and configure the ports available on the hardware. After gaining access to the settings you will need to enter the default port of to open this port for TCP and UDP connections.

Hexxit Server on Mac No Hamachi and Plugins

You can label the entry as Minecraft and it should be entered into the allowed ports section. You will also need to make sure that everyone who is trying to connect to your server is using the correct game client version. If this does not match, they will receive connection refused errors and not be able to login. This will vary greatly whether you have selected Vanilla, Bukkit, a modpack, or others. You can select which version of Minecraft your game launches in the edit profile button when you first open the game for Vanilla and Bukkit servers.

Modpacks and Forge will require a completely separate install of the respective launcher. The final step of logging into your game launcher is easy for non modpack servers. Just open the. Once this is saved you will easily be able to join the server and save it for future connections. Once you have successfully connected to your server you will need to begin configuring it to make sure that it is properly set up as you would like it and ready for players to connect. If you are new to learning how to make a Minecraft server, then the next step is very important. After the first launch all of the necessary files and configuration files will be created which you will be able to go back and edit.

Please refer to this tutorial for all of the commands that are available on a Vanilla server. This will change pending what server version you have. Inside of your new Minecraft server folder you will find a server. In here you can change the name of the world and spawn settings for NPCs and monsters. There are many different customization options so you will want to take a look at this file.

If you are running the server on your computer you will need to use a text editor such as notepad, but hosting on our service will give you access to this file through our web based control panel making it easy to edit the properties. Please note that you will need to restart the server after making any changes for them to take effect. This is part of how to setup a Minecraft server. This is also where you can determine many other things as seen below:. To set up the OP on your server you will need to first enter your control panel. The very first you OP anyone on a multicraft control panel you will need to use the control panels console.

This will give your username OP permissions in game. Now as the op player you are able to execute any command in game. Those who know how to host a Minecraft server can not stress the next fact enough. Be careful with who you give OP to as they will have full access to server commands and can even ban you form your own server! There are two ways to install plugins on your server. The first and easiest option is to use the bukkit plugins tab in your left hand menu of your control panel.

It will provide for you a search engine style area to find plugins and do simple one click installs. Every install page has a link to that plugins documentation. This becomes important in determining if the plugin is the right version for your server. After you install in this area you will need to stop and start your server. This will let the server build the new plugins and you will have access to it in game. Some of these plugins will generate a configuration file at this time. Multiverse, Permissionsex, Essentials, and many more all require configuration before working appropriately.

You can find your configuration files in your control panel. Find the config files tab in the left hand menu. This will take you to a list of all the configuration files on your server. After you make your changes in your file of choice make sure to save and restart your server to activate the new server settings.

The second method of installing plugins requires your FTP file access. Every server comes with FTP file access to the root folder of your server. This will include the world folder, the jar folder, and your plugins folder as well. Once you find your file log into FTP and drop it into your plugins folder. When you save and restart your server it will generate it. Just like plugins, mods require your FTP file access. This will include the world folder, the jar folder, and your mods folder.

Once you find your file log into FTP and drop it into your mods folder. Just make sure that the mod version is the same as the server version. Just like mods, you will need to log into FTP to upload a large folder like a world. All you need to do is stop your server, log into Filezilla, drag your world folder into it, save and restart your server.

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If your world folder has a custom name then you will need to set it in your control panel at the WORLD setting on your control panel main page. Click here to learn more about adding a custom map to your server. You might also need to reset the world or change the seed. Making adjustments to your servers settings is as easy as access your config files. Your multicraft control panel has a tab in the left hand menu called config files. Here is the area to edit any config files on your server.

Simply open that folder and edit the config. Detailed instructions of every plugins instructions can be found on their respective documentation pages. Scheduled tasks are probably one of the most important parts of your servers functionality. You will need this area to set up recurring restarts on your server, backups, and automated messaging.

You can find scheduled tasks again in the left hand menu of your control panel under the scheduled task tab. In here you will find instantly the list of your active scheduled tasks. In the left hand menu again you will see the option to make a new scheduled task. This will bring you to the final page. You can name your task, active or paused status, set the time of day, set the interval, pick the desired command to issue, and pass it options. The name can be anything you want.

The status of active and paused makes the command run or stop running. The time of day sets when in that day it runs. People typically try to run resets when players are least on your server. The interval is the frequency of your task. This is either by the minute, the hour, day, week, month etc. The commands are a long list of text messages, saves, restarts, and more. Take a look at the full set in your control panel. The options you pass is a message that you print out to your users in case you do a text message spam. There are five different kinds of JAR files.

These two only require setting the jar file setting , saving, and restarting your server to activate. If you have no files on your server they will generate the rest and you can start playing then instantly. The rest are all mod type servers. There are three kinds of modded servers. The basic forge server, the cauldron server , and the modpack.

"Perhaps a server is already running on this port" - Help Me :)

All of these server versions require a modpack installer to be run before you try to run the main jar file. This two step process is easy to forget and is critical for any forge and mod style servers. If your desired server version is not in your control panel drop down then you have the option of opening Filezilla FTP and loading up a modpacks base files to your server. The only trick here will be to make a JAR folder yourself and dropping the libraries folder and the jar folders you get into that jar folder.

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Rename your forge-universal. It requires a connection of other servers. A proxy running BungeeCord. Managing a Minecraft server is far easier with a hosting service like ours than it otherwise would be on your own. A great deal of the management is ensuring that your DNS and ports are setup correctly, the bandwidth is going good, and that the server is performing optimally.

While a majority of that is already handled for you by our services there is still a little you need to be aware of. The primary concern for a server owner is his Resource usage. Beyond simply managing a servers processes it can sometimes be necessary to moderate your community. This can be as simple as adding antispam and anti cursing plugins to prevent inappropriate behavior. Other times this can be as far as banning players and intervening on users behalf for in game accidents and potential griefing.

Your multicraft control panel has several internal functions that will help you in these tasks. You have primarily a chats page to talk with users in game when you are not logged in.

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You have a console to issue commands like ban, pardon, whitelist, etc. In addition, the commands page allows you to issue many commands than can help speed up item giving and more. While managing the server can refer to the technical side of upkeep, moderating refers to handling the people in your server. See pic below. This can be one of three things. There is just some leaked memory build up and you need to restart your server to clear the excess memory leaked.

We recommend setting a scheduled task in your multicraft control panel to help manage this for you automatically. Typically larger servers will restart every hour or every few hours. Smaller servers can get away with every day or every few days depending on their setup. This is universal with all servers. The bigger and more complex will need this more often.

Once your server is completed and all of your blocks are in place most server owners have the exact same question. How do I get more players? Every server depends on an activity community to succeed. There are a few places online that have become common meeting places and sources for traffic to servers. There is not a single place to go to get players. In fact there are many different locations where players can be found and new ones pop up every day.

Figuring out how to start a Minecraft server is the easy part, obtaining a loyal group of players is the most challenging aspect. These places can be divided into four main categories. Forums, Lists, Social, and Streaming. The most popular location for all things Minecraft beyond mojang are easily MinecraftForums and Minecraft Wiki. The Minecraft forums can be an insanely useful tool to find great information as well as meeting new and interesting players with great knowledge of the game. The people here not only are active in the community. They are more likely to know other people that play the game.

One person invites their friends and so on. Posting in new threads and replying to others is a great way to find great new people. Other very popular forums include www. Minecraft lists are the most obvious choice for advertising your new Minecraft server and getting new players. These lists are simple banners, player slots, brief info, and an ip or url to connect to. Apex has a Apex Server List where you can request to be added for free to get started.

Beyond that though you can try Minecraft-Server-List. You can pretty much google the query Minecraft Server List and begin scrolling. There are tons of pages of these. Some charge money to be listed as a featured server while others just allow you to post for free. Browse around and find the right place for you. You can even join on, meet people, and then send them off to your server eventually.

Making friends is what the games all about.