How to copy a web page into word on mac

Mac OS X: Clear text formatting when copying from websites

Go to the File Menu and choose Save as…. Change the file type to.

Using Alternative Solutions

If you see an info dialog, just click ok. If the document contains images those images might only be linked. Go to the File Menu and choose Info. If there are linked images you should see a link icon on the right. Click on Edit Links to Files. In the dialog select all images you want to embed in the list use shift-key to select multiple images.

How to Insert a Screenshot Into a Microsoft Word Document : Web Browsers

Click the Break Link button and then OK. All links are removed and the images are embedded in the document. We can do some clean up to get rid of unwanted elements.

Use the Web browser to save the Web page as a file on your computer and then open the saved file in Word. After you save the Web page, you need to know how to open it.

To open the saved Web page in Word, follow these steps:. Word does its best to open the Web page you saved. Bear in mind, many Web page elements such as Flash, Silverlight, style sheets, and various scripts are ignored by Word. Just the same, you may be able to get the content you want into Word so that you can take it from there and do your own editing magic.

Web browsers and Web pages vary widely. In Word, a Web page saved by one browser, such as Safari, may look completely different from the same page saved by a different Web browser, such as Opera or Firefox.