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You May Also Interested In: By LK T Office Tags: About the Author: LK is a technology writer for Tech Journey with background of system and network administrator. The DOCX file format offers some useful additions and security-minded changes, but if your roster of office hardware includes systems that can't open this newer software version, you can take advantage of multiple approaches to file compatibility.

For the first time in the history of the Microsoft Office application suite, Microsoft fundamentally altered the software's default file and template formats with the launch of Office for Windows and Office for Mac Familiar file extensions, including the. In addition to format changes, Microsoft added new file types that lack support for macros, enabling users to share documents with other users without the risk of embedded malware that automation features can be misused to incorporate.

Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Microsoft Office system

Microsoft Word's new Open-XML-based file format provides support for new content enhancements, helps minimize the chances of data corruption, can compress file content to produce smaller documents and debuts a file type that moves away from proprietary data structures.

In addition to internal changes and improvements such as document themes and styles, the DOCX file format includes new content features, including SmartArt graphics. These informational graphics go beyond what you can accomplish with bullets, outlines, or embedded or linked elements from other Office programs.


Additionally, Word offers enhanced support for equations and bibliographies. Microsoft offers users of older versions of Word three options to enable them to open, view, edit and save DOCX files. Before you install the Windows version of this update, verify that you've updated your copy of Windows and your installation of Word with the most recent patches and service packs. Second, you can download and install the Microsoft Word Viewer, which enables you to open DOCX files so you can view their contents, copy from and print them.

Although converted files retain most of the features of the original DOCX version, some newer content options appear in altered form, reflecting the older Word versions' lack of support for them.

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The first Word version, Word 1. The first Windows version was released in , with a slightly improved interface. When Windows 3.

How to Open Word Files in Older Versions of Microsoft Office Word

Word for Windows 1. With the release of Word , the numbering was again year-based. Microsoft Write was released for the Atari ST in In the source code for Word for Windows in the version 1. The first Microsoft Word was released in It could run in text mode or graphics mode but the visual difference between the two was minor. In graphics mode, the document and interface were rendered in a fixed font size monospace character grid with italic, bold and underline features that was not available in text mode.

It had support for style sheets in separate files. A Macintosh version named Word 1.

The three products shared the same Microsoft Word name, the same version numbers but were very different products built on different code bases. Three product lines co-existed: Word 1. Word 3. Word 5. The macro language differed from the WinWord 1. Word 6.

Sharing documents with other versions of Office for Mac - Office Support

The Word 6. The failure of WordPerfect to produce a Windows version proved a fatal mistake. The following year, in , WinWord 2.

WinWord 6. The early versions of Word also included copy protection mechanisms that tried to detect debuggers , and if one was found, it produced the message "The tree of evil bears bitter fruit.

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Only the Shadow knows. Now trashing program disk. After MacWrite , Word for Macintosh never had any serious rivals, although programs such as Nisus Writer provided features such as non-continuous selection, which were not added until Word in Office XP. However, version 6. It was the first version of Word based on a common code base between the Windows and Mac versions; many accused it of being slow, clumsy and memory intensive.

With the release of Word 6. There may have also been thought given to matching the current version 6.

Open Office 2007 Files in Mac OS X – Office 2004 for Mac Compatibility Issue Alternative

However, this wound up being the last version of Word for DOS. In addition, subsequent versions of Word were no longer referred to by version number, and were instead named after the year of their release e. Word 95 for Windows, synchronizing its name with Windows 95, and Word 98 for Macintosh , once again breaking the synchronization.

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  • As of January , it is still available for download from Microsoft's web site. The first, code-named Pyramid, had been an attempt to completely rewrite the existing product. It was abandoned when Chris Peters replaced Jeff Raikes at the lead developer of the Word project [12] and determined it would take the development team too long to rewrite and then catch up with all the new capabilities that could have been added in the same time without a rewrite.