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The third story, told by Dunstan, follows a teenage Lara when she secretly follows Dunstan to an island apparently haunted by demonic forces. Lara confronts several apparitions and monsters which inhabit the island, including a horse-riding humanoid demon called Vladimir Kaleta who was trapped in a prison of running water by the island's former monastic community.

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Dunstan is taken hostage by Kaleta, who forces Lara to block the river imprisoning him. Using a book discovered in the ruined monastery's library, Lara says Kaleta's demon name "Verdelet", taking control of him and banishing him from Earth. The fourth story, related by Winston, shows Lara infiltrating the corporate headquarters of her former mentor Werner Von Croy to retrieve the Iris, the pursuit of which first caused the schism between Lara and Von Croy.

Their stories completed, the three toast Lara. In parallel to these events, Von Croy digs through the rubble of the Great Pyramid in a desperate attempt to find her. He finally discovers Lara's backpack among the ruins of the Great Pyramid but no sign of her body: he declares "We've found her! Core Design , developers of Tomb Raider since its inception, had grown fatigued of the series after producing three games successively since completing the original game.

The team had attempted killing off Lara in The Last Revelation , but Eidos insisted that the series continue. Each area was designed around a different gameplay theme; Rome emulated classic Tomb Raider platforming, Russia was focused on action and stealth elements, Ireland forced players to handle a version of Lara without weapons, and the fourth area brought more stealth elements and new elements such as a companion helping Lara remotely.

This was done as Chronicles would be the last game using that generation of technology, and they wanted to allow fans the freedom to create levels of their own. Chronicles continued the narrative from The Last Revelation , continuing to assume that Lara was dead. There were several continuity errors in the Rome segment of Chronicles related its chronological placement and Pierre's death, attributed by Sandham to not referring to the original game's script beforehand.

It was also designed to close off the original era of Tomb Raider —including its technology and storyline—prior to the release of The Angel of Darkness. Taking inspiration from the narrative's gloomy tone, Chronicles used a darker musical style while retaining established Tomb Raider musical motifs.

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Time constraints meant that Chronicles did not have a proper main theme, with the closest being an opening segment that was inspired by Connelly's original plans. It received mixed reviews from critics, although some reviews for Tomb Raider Chronicles were highly positive. Even so, they did comment "Unfortunately the game will be over before you really get into it, which is a crying shame.

Still, it's just more of the same. Tomb Raider Chronicles is basically more of the same, so you probably know better than anyone else whether or not it's something that you'll like. GameSpot were mixed, claiming "The main problem is that the Tomb Raider series hasn't grown with the times". The environments in the first Tomb Raider were very sparse and bland, but over the years the developers have been able to squeeze more and more out of the PlayStation.

For a game on an aging system, there's a surprising degree of detail in Tomb Raider Chronicles -without a significant sacrifice of level size. Retrospective staff opinions of Chronicles have been mixed, with many staff feeling it was their worst Tomb Raider project at that time due to a lack of enthusiasm and franchise fatigue. In their financial report in February , Eidos included Chronicles among the successful titles published during the late period.

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