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It may be a little more expensive than the other iOS apps that aim to help you quit, but for little more than the price of a packet of cigarettes, this proven quit smoking program could help you put a stop to an unhealthy habit. SmokeBreak — Free iPhone. Leave us a comment and tell us about the application you chose, and how it helped you to kick the habit.

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Become a YouTube mogul with this all-inclusive training bundle [Deals]. It's scary to discover that most of these deaths occur between the ages of 35 and 59, many years before America's current average life expectancy of Approximately , American smokers succumb to smoking-related diseases annually, but few of these deaths are sudden. A host of health problems typically drain the bank accounts of smokers before they go. Just imagine how much larger your bank balance might be if you weren't one of them. This study shows quitting smoking has an almost immediate effect on the body, which helps reduce the risk of serious medical concerns very quickly.

In fact, the excess risk of a myocardial infarction or stroke falls by roughly 50 percent within two years of quitting smoking. The researchers found that while preventing the uptake of smoking was important, reducing adult smoking could have greater immediate benefits to society. The treatment of heart attacks and strokes is costly, so preventing these conditions by the cessation of smoking could provide significant short-term financial returns for private and public healthcare insurers and individuals. Heart attacks and strokes are just two of the health complications, which can add to the medical bills of smokers.

If you kick the habit, you'll reduce your risk of developing a host of other chronic diseases and illnesses including:. Developing any one of these diseases could result in a significant stay in hospital and a hefty medical bill if you're lucky enough to be discharged. If not, then your loved ones will have to bear the brunt of those significant medical costs.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

You'll not only reduce the amount of your own medical bills, but also the health expenses of the people who you live with when you make a pledge to quit. Partners and especially children are susceptible to the effects of cigarette smoke, even if you don't smoke in the home or around your relatives. Researchers in European found that the residue that remains on the skin, clothes, and furniture of smokers, known as third-hand smoke, still has a dramatic impact on children's breathing.

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Academics at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that infants to year-olds living in households with parents who smoked cigarettes outdoors had twice the risk of respiratory tract infections compared to those in non-smoking households. These babies and children were almost more than twice as likely to have wheezed recently. Wheezing can be a symptom of a range of illnesses including colds, allergies, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and asthma.

This European study suggested that while parents were aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke, they did not understand the very serious impact of third-hand smoke. It also underlines the impact of smoking on loved ones, even when an individual does not smoke around his nearest and dearest. Further research published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in March found that third-hand smoke could prove even more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

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The scientists found that the smoking residue could react with indoor pollutants such as ozone and nitrous acid to create dangerous new compounds. One of these compounds, known as noxious residue, can remain on virtually all surfaces including childhood toys and other items that toddlers may put in their mouths. This substance has been shown to stick to human DNA and cause uncontrollable cell growth and the development of cancerous tumors.

A reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes aren't the only health benefits that smokers enjoy. The decision to quit also gives the body's organs a break from the stress of smoking.

5 Things You May Not Know About the Financial & Health Impacts of Quitting Smoking

It's important to note that smoking causes harm to almost every one of the body's organs and systems, including many that don't come directly into contact with cigarette smoke. However, it takes a relatively small amount of time for many of the body's organs to recover from the impact of smoking. Whether your e-cig of choice has a refillable tank or takes disposable cartridges, you can step down gradually to lower levels of nicotine. E-cig maker Blu, for instance, offers cartridges in various strengths that can take you from the equivalent of a pack a day to no nicotine at all.

And they come in different flavors. Q: I'd like to use the e-mail app on my Kindle Fire. If I do, are all my e-mails and contacts stored on the Amazon server? A: Amazon doesn't offer an e-mail service, so no, it doesn't keep your mail and contacts on its servers. Those services store contacts and e-mails online, but contacts and recent e-mail also are synced to the tablet or phone. With both tablets, however, you are free to use other mail services.

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    Do you know of any free software that can do the job? A: Sure. But first let's clarify something. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it's true. Instead of printing the file, the computer saves it as a PDF. Both have been around forever, and do a yeoman-like job of converting Word documents and the like to PDFs.

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