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Also suggestions to use the Pad switch, though this barely helps the problem at all, it still clips and also affects the tone. Heard suggestions that maybe the signal going in is too hot, though I can't understand this as I usually use a PRS with passive pickups going direct in, and even having tried with an Ibanez using active pickups, there is not much difference between the two! If anyone could offer a solution that would be great, been trying to sort this for close to 6 months now to no avail, it's driving me nuts! Thanks for your help!

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How to Fix Interface problems on the MAC 2017

I myself remember looking up the specs for one such thread. Not sure if yours falls into this category but it certainly sounds like it.

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The solution is to use a DI box or something like a Sansamp or Berhinger amp sim box or upgrade to an interface with a better spec'd instrument input that can handle the guitar properly. Leckie "It's all complete nonsense, anyone who knows what they're doing can deliver great results with whatever comes to hand" - H.

It's only a 10dB reduction but it may provide enough attenuation for your needs. Otherwise, have you got any FX pedals that can provide a clean boost?

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Mac Driver Downloads

If so, you could put that in the signal chain and use the volume control on that to set the signal level. It is quite possible that the pad reduces the input impedance which could be why the guitar tone is affected. Your best bet is therefore to avoid the instrument inputs altogether and use either the mic or line inputs instead. However, as neither offer the appropriate input impedance on their own you'll need some additional equipment in the signal path. One option is to plug the guitar into an FX pedal if you want to record effects , or via a pedal with an active bypass mode.

This will provide the appropriate impedance for the guitar, and the pedal output can then be plugged into the Saffire line input quite happily.

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Another potentially technically superior and my preffered option is to play via a DI box into the Saffire mic input. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Essentials Only Full Version. So far, the lowest latency I am seeing in Sonar audio options is 15ms, which seems a bit high.

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I've been messing around with the Focusrite control panel, but so far that seems to be the lowest I can get. Does anyone have this device and have been able to get lower latency? Thanks in advance! No ASIO drivers unfortunately. I'm using WDM.

The sound quality is good, but I was hoping to get a lower latency if possible, but I realize with USB, that may be as good as I can get without spending more. The V-Studio 20 also looks interesting. I have it down to 8ms so far. Last edited by mguleff on Wed Mar 23, pm, edited 1 time in total. My pro 24 is fine on my set up.

Help me troubleshoot Saffire 6 usb

Logic I updated Logic last week and hadn't opened a Logic project until today. I updated the OS yesterday. This USB or Apple system problem? Other folks have found success with deleting certain MIDI drivers. Digidesign, Korg and Focusrite are mentioned often. Focusrite has a small Apple Script that they say will help and you can download it from there site.

This has worked for me on occasion but it does not seem to help any more.

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I wish I could be of more help. LPX Inputs show metering correctly on input or recording. With the two versions of LPX, I open the same sequence and get different behaviors. Is there some other menu item that needs to be accessed.

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Mac Pro 3. With two different Mac setups. On my old Imac, the unit would just go to sleep after random intervals, to the point I made an automator actions that would change the sample rate back and forth, so I wouldn't have to cut the computer on and off.

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That would wake up the interface.