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You can also export to other image formats via the standard macOS Print dialog and Preview, as follows:. These file formats are sometimes protected by patents and not documented publicly.

Prepare your source file

Although we may revisit this, our current development efforts are focussed on adding other features instead. For information about pasting in text from Microsoft Word for Mac please see here. Yes, you can copy and paste text and images from other applications into iStudio Publisher documents. File Juicer is a good example of a text and image extraction utility. Yes, you can satisfy all of the typical requirements of a commercial print shop, including high resolution images, CMYK colors and embedded fonts. We are considering adding support for PDF settings in the future.

Digital images are embedded in iStudio Publisher document. You do need to start off with images of adequate resolution and quality. Document images and other colored document artifacts lines, fills, text, etc are all tagged with ICC profiles, which are stored in iStudio Publisher document files and transferred to exported PDFs. ICC profiles are color profiles, which can be changed during document editing. Some printers may require colors to be set to CMYK.

5 Ways To Open & Edit Publisher Files On Mac

Embedding font subsets involves only including the individual font glyphs characters that are actually used in your document rather than embedding complete fonts; it helps to minimize the PDF file size. Yes, you can create a multi-page booklet from several sheets of paper printed on both sides and folded in half. Download booklet printing instructions. These are presented in an iStudio Publisher document that has also been designed for printing out as an example booklet A5 and Half US Letter page size versions included.

Yes, you can generally reduce the file size of PDF export files, either by reducing the file size of images inserted in iStudio documents before inserting them , or by compressing the PDF export file. More information here. Yes, you can use iStudio Publisher to create large posters and banners. You can then use a separate app to print the PDF on multiple sheets of paper.

We recommend using the free PosteRazor app for doing this. Note that PosteRazor cannot accept a PDF file as an input file and so you will need to open the PDF in Preview and export it as a different image format before inputting the image file into PosteRazor. An alternative is the Tiler app, which offers the advantage of being able to accept a PDF file as an input. We suggest using a separate app to add frames and edge effects to your images before bringing them into your iStudio Publisher documents, for example, ImageFramer free version or EasyFrame.

Yes, using the method described here. Use a separate image processing app to convert an image to CMYK. For example, how to use ColorSync Utility is described here. If you are experiencing installation difficulties the steps below should provide a robust installation method. These editions use different licensing systems and you will need to install whichever edition you have purchased. As an iStudio document file becomes very large typically several hundred MB you may notice iStudio Publisher taking longer to respond.

Inserting a large number of high resolution images is the most common reason for an iStudio document becoming very large. There are two different methods of reducing iStudio document file size, which you may want to use in combination when creating very large, image heavy documents. To achieve good print quality, print shops typically require images with a minimum resolution of DPI.

However, if you insert a DPI image into an iStudio Publisher document and then scale down its size, this increases its effective DPI because iStudio Publisher maintains the original image data and does not resample or compress it. Doing this can produce significant reductions in document file size. After inserting images into an iStudio document and scaling them to the required size in your layout you can use the Image Inspector to check that each image has an effective DPI of at least Repeat this for each image. To avoid having to pre-process images and reduce their file sizes prior to insertion in an iStudio document, you can keep down the iStudio document file size by arbitrarily splitting up your complete document across several separate iStudio document files, each containing a smaller number of images.

This method requires a final step of assembling the complete document from all of the individual documents, which can done by exporting each of the iStudio documents to PDF file and then combining the PDFs. When exporting a document to PDF file, iStudio does not compress image data. Instead, you can use these free filters to reduce PDF file size. With huge document files most of the size is generally due to the images, and you should be able to recover a huge document by removing some of the these images. Here are some instructions for doing this for an example file called mydoc.

Try repeating these steps with your document file, replacing the name mydoc. Try opening this file in iStudio Publisher to confirm that removing all of the images has fixed the problem of the file not opening. If it opens without error, here are some instructions for recovering a document in two parts, with a different range of the images in each copy. This example is for a file called mydoc. Try repeating these steps with your document file. You can skip steps 1 and 2 if you are following on from step 3 of the first example in the same terminal window. If splitting the images between two new documents is insufficient and these documents are still too large to open use the following command string repeatedly, if required to create a new copy of the document file with a middle range of the images retained.

You can change the values 10 and 18 to change the image range. To enable Help Viewer to display the correct set of help files place the iStudio Publisher app in your Applications folder, move any other copies of iStudio Publisher to Trash, and empty the Trash. Restart iStudio Publisher and the help files should now display correctly. If help page display problems persist these may be due to Mac OS X caching errors or corrupted cache files, which can be fixed by deleting the help file caches, as follows:.

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When printing, iStudio Publisher creates an internal PDF representation of a document, which it then sends to the printer. You can use this to test if a print problem is being caused by iStudio Publisher or by your printer. Open this PDF file in Preview and compare it with your printer output. If the PDF file has the same problem as the hardcopy print then this suggests that iStudio Publisher is doing something unexpected, but if the PDF looks fine in Preview then the difference between this and the hardcopy print is likely to be due to a problem with your printer, printer settings, or printer driver.

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To further diagnose a printer settings problem try printing the newly exported PDF file from Preview. Test that the printer is able to print out a simple one line text document from the TextEdit app. If the options to save, print, and export, are disabled grayed out this indicates that iStudio Publisher is running in unlicensed mode. If you have registered for a license, but the iStudio Publisher is still running in unlicensed mode, there has been a problem with your registration, and you will need to repeat it.

Each iStudio Publisher license will only work on the particular Mac on which it was originally installed. If you migrate your applications to a new Mac, you will need to reinstall your license by completing the following two steps:. Is this the computer that you licensed for iStudio Publisher? If you have migrated your account and license to this computer from another computer you will need to Unlicense iStudio Publisher on the other computer and then License this one. This will ensure that the text is pasted in as text and not as a PDF of the text.

What gets pasted into an iStudio Publisher document can depend on the current tool selection. When you copy from Word, Word puts multiple copies of the same information on the system clipboard in a variety of different formats. You should have no problems copying or dragging photos from a Word document into iStudio Publisher — you can paste or drop them into existing shapes, or otherwise a default rectangular shape is created to hold them.

This help page is also available online here. Here are some other places to look…. View Help Pages Contact Support Contact support for help, and with bugs, requests, comments and ideas. Have just bought iStudio Publisher and it really is excellent. I have InDesign and many others but I like the simplicity of iStudio. Just one week ago I joined in with your company to learn how to navigate and use your software. I had narrowed down my choices of desktop publishing companies to three and did try out all three, since each has a free trial period.

I am not experienced at using any kind of desktop software and had a very difficult time with the other two, besides iStudio. And, as you know, I did have a few stumbling blocks with your own software. But you stayed with me and were a tremendous help along the way. By the second day I had several pages done. And now I feel that I can quickly move along in most every part of what I need to get done. I find the iStudio easy to use now. It works for me.

And I give you a great deal of the credit for taking the time to boost me along. What a great piece of software. This is what owning a Mac is all about! I had to produce a flyer last night late , and a typical word processing program just wouldn't do.

Microsoft Publisher .pub files on a Mac

I only had to use the iStudio help function a couple of times and it was, indeed, helpful and straight to the point. Got it done in no time. That's what you can do with intuitive software. This user manual was produced using iStudio Publisher. Are there any video tutorials? Yes, here are a range of video tutorials on our website. Does iStudio Publisher include help information? Installing, licensing and buying — both editions What operating systems does iStudio Publisher support? Are iStudio Publisher updates free of charge? How do I install updates? These are functionally identical apart from the following differences: The Website Download Edition incorporates our own licensing system and has a Licensing sub-menu under the Help menu.

The Website Download Edition can be run as a day trial, or licensed by purchasing a license activation code. The App Store Edition is not available as a trial but will install over the Website Download Edition being run as a trial. The day trial is: Fully functional, including saving, printing and exporting, without watermarks. You can start real work immediately! Available as an option when you launch iStudio Publisher. Completely free of charge with no strings attached and does not commit you to any future payment.

You will not be asked to enter credit card details. Purchasing iStudio Publisher is completely separate from using the day trial. Going to expire after 30 days, which will disable the save, print, and export functions. After trial expiry, you can continue to open and view existing documents. Communities Contact Support.

How to use a Microsoft Publisher document on Mac (without using Publisher)?

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