How to test internet connection speed on a mac

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How to check the speed of your internet - on a Mac or PC for free

Fast, efficient, and support quite a lot of formats. NOT free. Animizer Animizer.

Speedtest® for Mac

The problem is that we stream movies in HD or even 4k resolution, stream high quality music, upload and download images to online photo libraries, and even work online this article is being written in the Microsoft Word web app at onedrive. Sometimes several people or devices are using the internet at the same time and it needs the bandwidth to cope with them all.

What is normal for one person is not necessarily normal for another and connection speeds vary with location and the type of connection. A fibre optic internet connection in a city can be very different to a connection in a rural area.

Best WiFi Speed Test Apps for Your Mac. Updated in

Talk to other people and see what speeds they get and compare them with your own. Basically you want to close anything or avoid anything that might use the internet connection because bandwidth is shared and another app using the internet will affect the results. If you are testing the speed of the internet and someone in another part of the building is watching a movie in high resolution on Netflix for example, it is going to affect the speed results, and possible cause their movie to stutter. One test is interesting but it could be unreliable because of other devices using the internet.

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  4. General congestion on the internet, such as at peak times of the day, can affect the results too. At peak times of the day the internet may slow down, so try running speed test apps at different times and take an average. A major problem with testing the speed at cafes, hotels, airports and other public Wi-Fi hotspots is that you are almost never alone. Someone could be downloading a large file, someone could be watching YouTube, another person could be viewing a web page with video ads and so on. All affect the test results. The speed measured reflects what speed you are currently getting, but it could be very different an hour later when more people arrive or people leave at the public Wi-Fi hotspot.

    The download speed is always much greater than the upload speed and this is by design. People spend more time downloading than uploading, so it is given priority.

    Download speeds maqy be a quarter of the upload speed or even less. Free By: Trend Micro Size: WiFi displays a large window with a circular graphic in the centre and there is just one button, Start Test with no other controls. Click it and the graphic starts spinning as it measures the internet upload and download speed, and ping speed of response.

    Why is my Internet so slow?

    The results are displayed as it tests and also afterwards. It keeps a history of speed test results so you can see if there is any change throughout the day or over the days or weeks. WiFi is more than just an internet speed test and it adds an icon to the menu bar. Live upload and download speeds are shown and it is useful as an indicator of internet activity. You can easily see when the Mac is transferring data.

    Best WiFi Speed Test Apps for Mac

    Click the menu bar icon and a panel is displayed that shows the Wi-Fi name, MAC address, security, protocol, channel and band. BigWhitePlanet s. Speed Test runs as a menu bar icon and when clicked it displays a panel with a speedometer style graphic in the middle. Your business may suffer from a poor Internet connection if your Internet service provider has technical difficulties.

    But before you report the problem to your provider, you should check if your Mac computer is downloading or uploading data in the background. Some Mac applications may hog your network bandwidth, resulting to slower connection speeds. Checking the current upload and download speeds in your Mac will help you determine if background applications are to blame for a slow Internet connection, even if you have no visible windows open.

    Load Finder from the dock and click "Applications" on the left sidebar in the Finder window. Click the "Network" tab in the Activity Monitor window to see your upload and download speeds. John Ruiz began his writing career in as a freelancer writing for eHow and various technology, software and hardware blogs.