Hardware requirements for mac os x 10.7

The oldest bit processor found in Macs that support Lion is a Core 2 Duo. Older PowerPC Macs are also not supported. For example, if your Mac has two dual-core processors, you need 3GB minimum. The processor is, for the most part, determined by the Mac model you use. Quad-core processors, such as the Intel Core i7, are faster yet. Core i5s come in dual-core and quad-core models. The Mac Pro has the option for a six-core processor.

The gigahertz GHz rating is less important than processor model and number of cores. It has meaning only when you compare two processors of the same model and same number of cores. Model Name: Intel Core Duo Processor Speed: B08 SMC Version system: Sorry Darryl, No you wont. Darn, I will have to buy a new computer. Oh well, least my HP printer will work with Snow Leopard while people with Loin will have to wait for printer software to catch up. Will this work on my PC?

Windows 7 Ultimate V6. OMG my Mac shut down!

System Requirements for Mac

Mac OS X If anyone knows, tweet me at pbpinftworth. This command only tells you if the processor is 64bit or not. A powerPC G5 will report a 1 and its definitely not compatible with Lion. Why is the track pad more difficult to use in Lion than Snow Leopard? Double tapping, high lighting and copy and pasting was simply in Snow Leopard.

How to reinstall Mac OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.8 on your 2011 or newer Mac

Now you have to click a corner with one hand and swipe with the other. This in not easier or better. These users were discouraged, but not deterred, […]. So the process is: Seems counterproductive if you just want a clean install, by the time Lion is there the installation is about as clean as a saturday night hooker. Or i have to download lion within lion to create a backup DVD?

I work and live in South Africa. Download bandwidth here is not like that of the USA. So there is no way EVER that we will be making a 4 gig download. Apple probably run by greedy accountants are obviously cutting more corners again — first Less manuals — smaller manuals — NO manuals — now no install disk!! No Lion. If anything Apple are making the cost of a new OS more affordable by making it download only, cutting the cost of packaging ect! Just make a DVD available to those who need it for one reason or another! Not everyone who wants to do business with Apple has a fast, uncapped, reliable Internet connection.

Releasing on the App Store first will boost sales for the quarter. No company is above cooking the books to some extent. So I guess this means I do finally need to upgrade. But my question is: Shall I, can I take it to Snow Leopard? Or maybe just a modest Leopard and no further? Or at least if they do then it should just be a case of upgrading them too. Is that fair go say? To take advantage of some Lion features like full-screen mode and Versions, developers will need to update their apps. So maybe I could ask a couple more questions. Thanks a lot. Can I download the files I need for installation or need I go to a shop or Amazon to buy the installation discs?

Mac OS X Lion Minimum Installation Requirements

Is that correct? Would you folks recommend a clean install?

Can someone perhaps direct me? Is there a utility that will help me slim the drive down? I have to be honest, the thought of upgrading my OS give me the heebie geebies. A quick search shows people experiencing lots of trouble in the past when upgrading from Tiger to Leopard. As far as itunes goes, i have a mybook 1TB network edition and have my itunes library set to run off the network. This task is pretty easy to move your library from your internal drive to the network drive, and point itunes to use the new location. Not sure if it would help but its definitely an option. MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: Chipset Model: GPU Bus: Will lion I think the problem could be with graphic card.

MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook5,1 Processor Name: B03 SMC Version system: I have not done it myself, but others I know have done so. If you like tweaking OS X to run on hardware that may not be the best fit, go for it. How do I know if any of my apps are PPC versions? Anything else that I may have not going to work with Lion? However he did say that if you search on the internet, there may be a work around or hack to enable you to use it on another machine!

Can any please help me? Bring it on Win 8 and Ubuntu…. Yes, as it says the Core i series is fully compatible. Core i7 is the best processor you can get right now in a Mac. Right On Doug… All this griping and complaining!!!

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Good Lord, man-up and pay for something!!! These babies would complain if it was free!

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  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, and 2 GB of RAM Minimum.

Years ago, I paid the big bucks for stupid Windows upgrades. Pay up, ya pajama wearing, Wal-Mart goon! MacBook mid Black Model Identifier: MacBook2,1 Processor Name: So… with a 2GB minimum, that gives you another GB to utilize easily for programs.


Some of the bigger beasts, like Aperture will struggle. Can anyone answer me is it possible to put iox to my pc: MacBookPro8,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: Here are my specs:. MacBookPro8,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: Yes, you have a brand new Mac, it is definitely compatible with OS X Lion and may qualify for a free upgrade. You should contact Apple and find out! Its also easier too get a laptop and put Linux on it… glossy application look like mac with the price tag of pc: Hello, I have a Leopard in my macs. I bought the usb lion.

Well, I was supposed to erase my HD and then start from 0.

Now what? When i try to install Lion, the installer asks for core 2 duo, core i3, core i5 or core i7 processors and quit. Please help and explain clearly what I should do. That is why Mac OS X Source Reply With […]. My husband bought MBP version Anyway, does anybody here knows if we can still avail free upgrade of our mac os from leopard to snow leopard? I do hope we can still avail. Pls advise. Thanks a lot! I have an older mac pro pre intel and I cannot seem to put the newest itunes on it. I need the newest version in order to set up my ipad, iphone, etc. How would I go about doing that.

So can anyone tell it will work on my Pc.. It ate all my cpu which caused it to run burning hot F , lock up — sometimes indefinitely, slowed Safari to a crawl. I had to back down to Snow Leopard, now everything runs fine.


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion System Requirements

The features are nice but not so nice that I want to wait all day to do simple tasks. But I dunno how to install it on my desktop. Plz guide me the installation process. May i use os x lion. Linux works on the early intel mac mini. I put ubuntu And then I can upgrade to the next and next, indefinitely. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Peter says: June 7, at 8: Thomas jensen says: November 23, at 9: Simon Williams says: June 7, at Dan says: Fritz says: June 8, at 8: Nathaniel Lewis says: October 9, at Sam says: PsychoX says: Doug Petrosky says: June 9, at 9: June 10, at June 11, at 8: Roger says: July 14, at 9: JCrebbin says: September 25, at 4: Brian says: October 17, at Erik Blackburn says: January 28, at March 22, at NoJoke says: June 7, at 1: June 8, at 9: July 10, at Carl says: July 11, at 8: Amen says: July 21, at CDN says: August 2, at 8: Jason says: September 13, at 7: March 8, at 7: The Ghost of Jobs.

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