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Four USB 3. The 2 ft. USB cable connects this Anker hub to your laptop or desktop, and a velcro installation strip allows for easy attachment to any surface. The sleek white design of this Aukey USB data hub is unobtrusive and complements the look of most setups. Ten vertically oriented USB 3. The hub connects to your laptop via a detachable USB An included adapter powers the hub to prevent pulling charge from your laptop. A blue LED indicates that the hub is powered up and its two ports are ready for use.

The smaller version is incredibly light at just heavier than half an ounce, and it measures 0. It's available in black, blue, metallic blue, and red. The four USB 2. The larger size has four USB 3.

LMP USB-C Combo Hub

The attached USB-C cable connects your laptop to the aluminum body of this hub, giving you access to all of its nine ports. The USB 3. This is a pricey but powerful laptop dock that doubles as a USB-C hub. Even positioned by itself on a desktop, this sturdy dock has a sleek and discrete appearance, and it's tilted upward for a comfortable typing position. The 8-foot AC adapter powers the two smart charging ports, so juicing up doesn't pull power from your laptop. Note that the options from StarTech and IOGear have a built-in cable, which is convenient but potentially subject to damage whereas the Sabrent option includes an external cable.

Please note that USB 3. No matter which USB hub you buy, for maximum performance, be sure to plug the hub itself into your Mac before connecting any peripherals. Then, plug in the fastest USB device before connecting any slower ones. In other words, if you are using one of the above USB 3. The first peripheral you connect will determine whether the hub operates at its maximum speed or a slower one. All of these USB hubs can be used with other Macs as well, not just the MacBook Air, and it is hoped, add as little weight as possible to your already overburdened carry-on bag.

You can now enjoy more devices like digital cameras, external drives, printers, and smartphones in one convenient place. This is a bus-powered USB hub, meaning that it takes its power from the host computer. The one thing that makes this USB hub stand out is certainly its construction. The silver unit is also very portable making it an ideal travel companion for your MacBook. Besides the attractive looks, Sabrent worked on improving the construction in terms of functionality. The bottom is rubbery to increase the stability of the device on multiple surfaces and the aluminum case has been created with durability in mind to extend the lifespan of the unit.

Setting it up is a no-brainer. Due to the fact that it comes with the fast USB 3.

Belkin Aluminum USB 4-Port Hub - Apple

It instantly adds 7 USB 3. This USB hub has a compact design and can be placed anywhere on your desk without taking too much space. The device provides support for both USB 2. They are dedicated smart charging ports which will automatically detect the current needs of a connected smartphone or tablet and charges it as quickly as possible.

These charging ports can keep two devices powered up at the same time.

The 60W adapter that powers this USB hub should cover all your energy needs. It can support multiple external hard drives transferring data simultaneously without issues. A user-friendly USB hub, it can be plugged in and it will start working right away without having to install any drivers. It supports hot-swap so you can safely plug in or unplug any devices while the host computer is running.

If you are tired of kneeling down and searching for the USB port in the back of a computer unit and want a sleek boost in productivity, this USB hub is for you. The first thing you can notice regarding the looks of this USB hub is how surprisingly lightweight it is. At only 2. It fits in your palm, but this is not all.

Where this model truly shins is in terms of performance. Boasting 7 high-speed USB 3.

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To get the best speeds of up to 2 amps , you need to use the enhanced 7th port. This port has dual functionality meaning that it can also enable data transfer during charging. The high-grade chipset integrated into this unit combined with the 36W adapter should ensure a stable operation. It will work in a plug-and-play manner and it has hot-swapping functionality for your convenience.

A slight downside of this USB hub is regarding the internal portion of the unit which accepts the power adapter tip. In case you plug the USB hub in and out very often, you can experience disconnecting issues. Despite this slight construction flaw, the Anker 7-port USB 3. What better way to do that than by choosing this 4-port USB hub made by Anker which comes outfitted with a sleek aluminum body.

It can slip into a pocket or a purse with ease and the sturdy hook-and-loop strap enables the unit to be firmly attached to a desk or wall. Thanks to an aluminum-alloy chassis, this device earns extra points for robustness. It can resist damage and will remain looking as new over the years.

The device has been engineered to be able to face the wear from repeated use. The four ports provided by this USB hub have sync and charge functionality. Thanks to the usage of the USB 3. Taking into account the versatility, portability, and overall functionality, this sleek eye-catching USB 3. An excellent product, all things considered.

All the ports have individual switches to turn them on or off more conveniently. The hub comes equipped with illuminated switches which means you can check their status at a glance. One of the ports allows for fast charging of various devices up to 2. It can recognize and optimize the charging power for lots of electronic devices to get a more efficient charge.

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The design is solid and functional. This gadget features a compact case with a glossy UV finish. The vertical style of the hub offers extra space for some of the thicker USB plugs and devices. It can connect a vast range of peripherals from keyboards, mouses, and printers to hard drives, consoles, printers and many more. A bit more expensive than other hubs but still a great choice.

Operating System

Anker continues to be present on this list due to the fact that it has so many excellent products for the money. It comes with a total of 10 ports, 7 USB 3. Somehow Anker managed to cram 60W of power into such a small device. You can connect and charge more devices at the same time, while still conserving a good amount of space. The 3 PowerIQ ports are able to detect the particular charging protocols of your device and deliver just the right charge.

Among the supported products, Apple and Android smartphones are included as well as tablets, consoles, and cameras. The maximum allowed is 2. With fast USB 3. Making no compromises on safety seems to be a high priority for Anker. The superior quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of this USB hub is evident.

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