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Another way Apple makes Logic more accessible is through new Smart Controls. For example, call up the Classic Electric Piano instrument, double-click on its icon in the track list, and its Smart Controls appear at the bottom of the Logic window. No sampler fiddling required. Click an Info button, and a pane appears where you can choose what a particular control will do.

For instance, on my Fender Rhodes I can assign a Phaser control to what is, by default, the Bell control knob. I can then store those settings as part of a patch so that they come up every time I use it.

And like other Logic controls you can assign a hardware controller to them a slider or wheel on your MIDI keyboard, for example and manipulate them while you play. As you do that, you can record your manipulation so that it plays back with the track. Logic Pro 9 was a boon for guitar players in that it included stompbox, amp, and speaker effects. With Logic Pro X, Apple turns to bass players and drummers. Bass players will be happy to know that they can now build their own rigs as well. There are two direct box-out settings as well. And, as with the guitar rig, you can choose a mic and its position—a Condenser 87, Dynamic 20, or Dynamic While bass tracks are designed primarily for those jacking a real bass into an audio interface, as with guitar effects, you can apply your bass rig to software instruments and MIDI tracks too.

New drum features run deeper still. So Apple came up with the Drummer track. For example, Max is a punk drummer who bangs on a punchy kit.


Logan is an older dude who prefers retro rock and plays a just-as-retro kit. Next to your drummer are some helpful controls. Next, you can employ an X-Y pad and move a controller between Simple and Complex on one axis and Soft and Loud on the other. It is fully registered and can be used immediately without any modifications. Important ——— — Do not update. We provide information and direct download links for Mac OS X full version software.

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I can guarantee that the app works very well. After I install and now I have internet back on.. Logic Pro X UI. Mirror 1 — Mega. Tags: logic pro x 10 mac , logic pro x Unfortunately, cracked versions only work on cracked versions of OS X on hackintoshes with screens made from baby seal brains. Good luck with that.

Maybe get a job and pay for it? Originally Posted by Zoolook. I am so glad you all are so freaking quick to judge you bunch of jerks!!!! I am actually trying to figure out how to download the stinkin program. I saw on youtube a guy modifying the system info.

Yeah :-) Just one more step!

His scenerio was downloading a game, and not a program such as this. I was hoping it would work for me, but it didnt. Oh, and I do have a job, and I gladly purchase my toys!!!!!!

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Same goes for me. I would also like to know if there are drawbacks. I run a legally bought copy of OSX I would love to use LX but i also want to stay with my super stable no nonsense setup. All newer OSX versions seemed like lots of nonsense to me. I wouldn't worry about OS I upgraded just to get LX and it's fine. What I would worry about is I think the best bet here is OS Plus being that Apple already released an update, I would say your in better hands with the latest OS.

Apple Logic Pro X 10.3.2 for Mac Review

Granted I just upgraded to it, but haven't seen anything like people had mentioning throughout the year. I'm glad most programs worked on Originally Posted by youncester. Once again thanks for being a complete jerk and judging right out of the gate. Originally Posted by jrp.

Apple Logic Pro X for Mac - latest version free download ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Maybe get a break and stop accusing people? How can you know? No one said he was using it that way. Or is it illegal to download with my laptop, move the files and install on my desktop?

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All that matters is that i legally bought the software. Originally Posted by jblaisdell. Joe Porto. Any more info on this? I've successfully loaded Logic X on my office iMac just to check it out. But the studio computer is a 8-core pro, and it doesn't run PT10 very well on Would love to try it in the studio.