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How to Change an Icon to Another Icon in Mac OS

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True, Apple does impose strict rules on how the interface looks and acts, but in between all that, there are countless potential lost hours just adorning your system with new wallpaper and icons. Interacting with OS X is largely icon-driven as it is with all graphical user interfaces and thus it tends to be bright, colorful, and a general pleasure to look at and click. Customizing the Dock, such as changing its appearance with the use of colors, dividers, and even themes is relatively easy with the right application.

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But, to actually change something like the Finder icon, you have to do some just a little work. When you browse to this folder, you need to back up one or both of these Finder icons. The details of the process is mentioned here, give it a try. One of them is to change apps and folder icons.

It also serves the purpose of confusing people, in case you have colleagues or friends using your Mac without your permission. They will waste their time searching for the app, as the icons would be changed to some random image. Anyways, moving ahead we that thought, we have detailed down the instructions on changing apps and folder icons, do have a look.

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As far as this guide is concerned, we will use Desktop folder as example. The process remains the same for any other folder or app. Step 1. Very first thing you.

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In this guide, we will use image of iMac and copy it to the clipboard. Step 2.

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I can never find the folder I want on my desktop with all of them blue. In one approach, start by clicking once on a desktop folder to select it, and then press the Command and I keys on the keyboard to open its Get Info box.

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As an alternative, you can right-click or hold down the Control key and click the icon and choose Get Info from the contextual menu that appears. At the top of the Get Info box, click the folder icon once to select it and then press the Command and C keys to copy it; you can also choose the Copy command from the Edit menu if you are averse to keyboard shortcuts.