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Just type a few keystrokes in the Spotlight search field and autocomplete immediately shows you relevant results.

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Siri helps you get things done just by using your voice. It also helps you get more things done at the same time. Looking for the presentation you worked on last week? Just ask Siri.

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Your Mac works with your other Apple devices in ways no other computer can. If you get a call on your iPhone, you can take it on your Mac. When you copy text or an image from one device, you can paste it into another with standard copy and paste commands. And with Sidecar, you can extend your workspace by using your iPad as a second Mac display.

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

Learn more about your devices working together. Everything you do with your Mac is protected by strong privacy and security features. You trust our products with your most personal information, and we believe that you should be in complete control of it. We respect your privacy by enacting strict policies that govern how all data is handled. Learn more about how privacy is built into our products. We design Mac hardware and software with advanced technologies that work together to help you run apps safely, protect your data, and keep you safe on the web.

And Gatekeeper makes it safer to download and install apps from the Mac App Store and the internet. With every Mac, you get a collection of powerful apps. They all work with iCloud, so your schedule, contacts, and notes are always up to date everywhere. Experience music, TV, and podcasts in three all-new Mac apps. Get all the news that matters from sources you trust, all in one place. And find the latest apps and extensions for your Mac, right on your Mac. Learn more about Music. Learn more about TV. Learn more about News. Learn more about Books. Enjoy your best photos and videos, showcased in an immersive, dynamic new look.

Transform home videos into unforgettable movies or quickly share clips with your favorite people.

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  4. Learn more about Photos. Learn more about GarageBand. Learn more about iMovie.

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    Create beautiful documents with stunning simplicity. Visualize your data precisely and persuasively in spreadsheets with images, text, and shapes. Learn more about Pages. Learn more about Numbers. Learn more about Keynote. Easily manage all of your email accounts in one simple, powerful app that works with email services like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft Exchange. Send unlimited messages to anyone on any Apple device, using the same Messages app on your Mac as you do on your iPhone. Learn more about Find My. And Macs really do have some stellar built-in tools that protect you right off the bat.

    For example, when you download an app off the internet, your Mac checks it against a list of known malware apps using XProtect.


    How to uninstall apps on a Mac

    And now, Apple has even started notarizing apps so that they can prove they are trustworthy. What about the new security features in MacOS Catalina, due to launch this fall? Reed also believes the nature of sandboxing on MacOS actually restricts antivirus software, at least if you download it from the App Store. Even if you grant access to the entire hard drive, many of those files cannot be removed by an App Store app.

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    This means App Store antivirus is less likely to be able to detect all threats and is also less likely to be able to remove all threats. What about the common criticism that antivirus apps put an unnecessary strain on Macs, slowing them down and adding unwanted bloatware?

    McElhearn feels this concern is overblown. There are further indications that we are often the weak link.

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    For example, while Gatekeeper can block apps that originate from third-party or untrusted developers, it can easily be bypassed by the user with a couple of clicks. While Gatekeeper gives you plenty of warning that ignoring its checks is a bad idea, it still lets you do it with relative ease. Both points cut to the heart of the biggest vulnerability in Mac security: Us. Humans are fallible creatures, open to manipulation or just plain laziness. Or we may see a well-made forgery of a trustworthy website, leading to us giving away our bank details to fraudsters and malcontents. Ultimately, antivirus software alone will never be enough.