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This typically depends on the model year of the MacBook Air itself, so it is critical that you know which model year the computer is. Once you know the exact model and model year of the computer, you can find a compatible SSD drive on a reseller site like Amazon. There are many brands and types of replacement SSD drives to choose from, you can research this if you want to, or if you have a preferred brand then go with that. And yes you can absolutely buy a different compatible SSD that does not come in a kit as well, just be sure you get the appropriate pentalobe screwdrivers and insure compatibility with the drive and the Mac.

Choosing a backup drive | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software

You need to backup the Mac before you change or attempt to replace the SSD drive. I recommend setting up Time Machine backups on the Mac at a minimum, and some more advanced users like to do this in addition to using SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner tools to clone the drive directly over. The only exception to this is if the drive is completely dead or missing, and then obviously there is nothing to back up. Using Time Machine also offers the advantage to being able to perform a clean install of El Capitan or whatever else on the replacement SSD and then restoring the Mac from the Time Machine backup after installation.

I like to arrange mine by size and general location of where they come out of the Mac.

Transcend StoreJet 25 Mobile 160GB USB 2.0 2.5

This part of the process is the most technical. Users who have a strong background in tinkering with electronics will likely be comfortable on their own, but almost everyone else is going to want to review some sort of guide that details the process well. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we recommend following the detailed iFixIt guides as they are well explained, detailed, and thorough. Admittedly I do things in this tutorial a bit different than some other technical people do; mainly that I put a blank SSD drive into the Mac, which then required an OS install and restore, rather than cloning over the drives first.

Fortunately there was a recent Time Machine backup however, which is why I went with the install and restore approach. If you want to go the cloning route, Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper are both excellent and get the job done. It worked perfectly.

2.5” SSD/HDD Enclosure

Quick side note: you can also attempt to restore the Mac SSD from Time Machine directly, but doing so means you typically have to re-create the Recovery partition manually and you may encounter EFI partition errors , both of which are avoidable if you just perform a direct clean install of Mac OS X system software ahead of time. Have any experience replacing or upgrading a Mac SSD?

Share your experiences or ideas in the comments below. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. No problems at all — but it still only has 4gb of ram and sucks it up pretty quickly now I have installed Sierra! Recently after upgrading to OS x El cap the laptop freezes on restart or start after shut down. Fortunately I am able to restore from my time machine back up but it is irritating to frequently restore which itself takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Apple considers this laptop as vintage. I was just thinking about doing this MBP mid Now I am thinking to go ahead but not upgrade from Mavericks Can you tell me if you resolved this issue?

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Had to replace it myself with a Transcend kit. Whether replacing MB Air flash storage or 2. I believe the OWC offering is less expensive and a better value. Trim support is is extremely important and can be achieved on Macs running Backup Plus Hub for Mac. Personal Cloud.

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Browse Articles. Related Manuals for Transcend StoreJet 2. Transcend information storejet user's manual 22 pages.

Transcend information external hard disk drive user's manual 20 pages. Ultra-portable hi-speed usb storage device 18 pages. Storejet 25 series; storejet 35 series external storage 14 pages. Summary of Contents for Transcend StoreJet 2.

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This Ultra-portable, Hi-Speed USB storage device is the perfect data management system for uploading, downloading, storing, transferring and backing up your vital data and information. Page 5: Safety Next to an air conditioner, electric heater or other heat sources o In a closed car that is in direct sunlight Backing Up Data Transcend does NOT take any responsibility for data loss, or damage during operation. Reinsert the adapter plus drive and reattach the screws The StoreJet 2.

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Figure 9. Plug your StoreJet 2. I tried to search but results were questionable. All i did is to connect it to the power supply and to the motherbaord. Before you begin to use your new external hard drive with Aperture, reformat it to the Mac OS Extended file system:.

Enter text from picture:. Aluminum-bodied inch MacBooks of or earlier vintage not current inch models and MacBook Pros sold in or earlier can be upgraded with 2. Formatting the Disk will erase all of the data on your StoreJet 2.