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A quick look at the back of the three case styles shows how much more air Apple was trying to move through the Mirror Drive Doors case:. Above it were dual 1. The new connector came with much faster data rates than FireWire This was a big deal for video and graphics professionals working with large files.

Part 1 Power Mac G4 Case and PC build (Slightly Hackintosh)

While offering so many new features, Apple was able to drop the price this time around. The entry-level, dual 1. The high-end dual 1. That goes to a machine that, as Thomas Brand wrote on Pixels, was somewhat unusual:. It came in two CPU configurations, single or dual 1. This last G4 tower was the final life raft for those clinging to Mac OS 9. The dual 1.

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Hope that helps! Yankee Rose , Nov 2, Joined: Feb 9, Messages: 2, Some of the G4 models take a very different power supply and you'll find that places selling them charge prices out of this world. A much cheaper alternative and has worked perfectly for years. Headrush , Nov 3, Links added to my previous posts already in case you missed them.

Headrush , Nov 4, Thanks I emailed the company, but have not had a reply Here's hoping Cheers. No it was a custom part made by them.

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I search forever before finding them, I found no other alternate companies with anything like that. There are instructions on the net for making one yourself but you have to be inclined to do that sort of thing and it will involve modifying the PC power supply.

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What I'm getting at is what about soldering the mac ends onto a PC power supply? PostTribber macrumors member.

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Have you tried a direct power on test of the power supply. Disconnect the power supply from all of the components. Make sure it still is plugged to your power outlet though. Then use a paperclip to connect the Green 'Power On' cable to one of the black ground cables and see if the power supply turns on. If you have a voltage tester you could then test each of the lines to make sure they are operating in their specified range. Usually though if the PS turns on it is fine. Jan 29, 2 0 Ann Arbor, MI.

Power Mac G4 Quicksilver Power Supply Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

I solved the problem by replacing the battery. In fact, I found the battery at my local RadioShack. If you're close to one, you might want to stop by and double check that they don't have the one you need. Oct 15, 80 Kentucky. When you press the power button, the light turns on as long as you are holding the button in. The fan on the case turns on, as does the fan on the power supply. I tested all of the outputs on the power supply and they are outputting the voltage specified.